Saturday, January 2, 2010

Creating my To-Do List for the week

Every weekend I update and/or create my to-do list for the week. Having a visual, written to-do list really helps me stay focused, less stressed, more organized, and in control. I used to type and print it out, but now I use a small notebook. I write down everything in the notebook that I need to remember. Before I was a Mother, I could remember things that I needed to get done better; however, now I cannot seem to remember anything! I forget things very easily! Therefore, having a to-do list to me is essential!

I only tear pages out of my notebook that I do not need anymore, or once the To-Do List has been updated on a separate page. I usually carry this notebook with me when I am running errands, so I can check things off as I am done with them. This helps me feel "accomplished!"

My To-Do List looks something like this:

To-Do List--Jan. 2-8, 2010
and so on...

I try to organize my list by errands, household, phone calls, etc.
If my list is particularly long, I can feel overwhelmed. I will designate tasks that I want or need to get done by the day. For example, if item #1 on my list needs to get done or I want it done on Monday, I will either highlight it in a color or put "Mon." next to it. I feel very accomplished when I can check off items on my list!

This may sounds a little ridiculous to some. However, if you are an unorganized person who forgets things a lot, creating a To-Do List is essential in helping you become more organized.


  1. great, i will attempt this asap! i am definitely an unorganized person and already feel that your blogging is helping put some order into my daily life. so, i am thinking about a planner and need to feel that the one i choose works for me the last couple i have had end up in a drawer or left in the car, they did not work for me. this process of picking the right one, i hope will work - work provided me with one, i have not used, i bought one at the dollar store just to have one and that didn't work either, I think maybe I need to love it????
    what is the purpose of having your to do list separate from the planner/organizer?
    so far, i am much enjoying your blog and look forward to reading your future posts!

  2. You would not necessarily have to have your to-do list separate from your planner. That is what works for me. I do this mainly because there isn't enough room to write it all down in my planner on a specific day. I also do this because most of the tasks on my to-do list do not have to be done on a specific day. Generally they are what I plan to accomplish for the entire week. I have seen some planners that have a list area incorporated in the week-at-a-glance section where you could write in your to-do list; however, they are hard to find. You could definitely make your own planner/calendar at home on your computer and put a to-do list area on the week-at-a-glance section. However, if you are already having difficulty keeping a planner, this just seems to be too much work. Thanks for reading! I look forward to helping you out! Please feel free to leave constructive criticism a well!