Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How It All Got Started

For many years now, people have told me that I am very organized. Many people have thought of it as a talent or gift. As a small child, I remember enjoying organizing objects and cleaning my room. Everything always had its place. I have always been a neat and tidy person, and I have never liked clutter. Does anyone like clutter though? Well, for some I would say they must like it given the condition of their homes! I for one, literally get enjoyment out of cleaning a drawer or closet! Perhaps this is a little neurotic, but it has always helped me keep an organized home and life. With that being said, you might think "does her house ever get messy?" My answer to that is of course! I have a one year old baby and a nine year old step-son. We are a busy family, just like everyone else. I do let some things (for example, paperwork and ironing) go too long before tackling the task. It is what I do with these items in the meantime that make me organized until I am ready to complete the task.

In the past, I have had friends and family ask me to help them organize their closets, drawers, kitchens, home offices, children's rooms, garages, and so much more. Many people are amazed at how I can do this! My goal of this blog is to share my ideas and thoughts on how to keep an organized home, family, workplace, and life! I hope that my organizing tips can help you!

Some topics I would like to include in my blog are:
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • children's rooms
  • closets
  • home office
  • basement/attic
  • garages
  • personal calendar
  • to-do lists
  • living spaces
  • time management
  • crafts and hobbies

Also, I hope to be able to help others with their organization and time management questions! Please feel free to post your questions!